ARCA Design

Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, North Carolina

Western Carolina University’s goals for this 107,000 SF renovation and expansion included a reassessment of the building’s systems through the lense of environmental responsibility and increased energy efficiency. Building system selection as well as other decisions made about the project were made within this framework.
The renovation involved a complete reconfiguration of the building, which houses the social science and physical science departments. The existing building structure was upgraded to maintain current ADA and other life safety codes.
The renovation of the Stillwell Hall Laboratories included the removal and replacement of several systems in order to revamp the social science and physical science departments. The renovation included complete removal of the laboratory fume hoods, ventilation systems, utility supply systems, and furnishings; replacement of electrical distribution panels and circuits; an upgrade and increase in lighting throughout, as well as replacement of the elevator and other interior systems.

Architect of Record : Alan McGuinn

Designed while Architect at CJMW Architecture